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How Cylinder Head Reconditioning Works

An internal combustion engine – the type of engine which can be found in most vehicles today – comes equipped with a cylinder block that contains all of the major components where the combustion process takes place, and contains a number of cylinders. Atop the block is the cylinder head, which seals all of the […]

Signs That It’s Time for a Fuel Injection Service

A majority of modern vehicles contain a diesel fuel injector that makes it possible to determine how much fuel to use. They work much more efficiently than the carburettors found in older vehicles, and are also one of the reasons that newer models have much better fuel economy. Although fuel injection systems are very efficient, […]

10 Common Diesel Vehicle Repairs

If you own and drive a car, then you will know that feeling of dread when your check engine light comes on. As much as you may wish to avoid the expense of a mechanic, with diesel cars especially there is much that can go wrong if you don’t get the problem checked by a […]

Best Vintage Car Shows to Visit in the UK

The classic car scene is still as popular as ever, with thousands flocking to vintage car shows each year in the UK. A vintage car is more than just an automobile – it’s a slice of history. Every classic car tells a story of its manufacturer and offers a glimmer into life at that time. […]

A Quick Guide To Diesel Fuel Injection

When it comes to your diesel vehicle, understanding the many different components that make it run can be somewhat overwhelming, especially when you’re not a mechanic. Of course, this is what the experts are for, but it can be helpful to have a basic knowledge of your vehicle’s engine and its operation. One of the […]

Engine Rebuild Vs Engine Replacement What Should You Choose

For many, their vehicles are more than just a means of travelling from one place to another, they are passion projects, prized possessions and memory makers. For others, diesel vehicles such as tractors and trucks are a way to make a living and an integral component of their business. Perhaps a vintage car has been […]