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Best Vintage Car Shows to Visit in the UK

The classic car scene is still as popular as ever, with thousands flocking to vintage car shows each year in the UK. A vintage car is more than just an automobile – it’s a slice of history. Every classic car tells a story of its manufacturer and offers a glimmer into life at that time.

So, for all the car lovers out there, here are the best vintage car shows to visit in the UK.

Silverstone Classic Car Show

As one of the most popular classic car shows in the UK, Silverstone is more than just a car show. Formerly known as the Silverstone Classic, ‘The Classic, Silverstone’ is a three-day summer festival of fast cars and family fun held at the iconic Silverstone circuit. With three nights of incredible live music, delicious festival food, entertainment and a thrilling motorsport line-up, there is something for everyone at this show.

Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional

The festival of the unexceptional is a car show held in England, featuring cars from the 1960s, 1970s and 1990s that were considered ordinary at the time, but are now quite rare. The festival was held earlier this year and received a turnout of over 1000 exceptionally unexceptional cars. Held in Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire, this show is rapidly growing in popularity each year.

Old Ford Rally and Rootes Heritage Day

This car show is held annually at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon Warwickshire. It boasts an array of vintage cars including pre-1995 Fords from Anglias to Zodiacs. If the sights of hundreds of Cortinas, Escorts, Granadas, Sierras and even a Model T or two sounds appealing, then Gaydon is then this car show is the place to be.

London Concours

The London Concours is a luxurious automotive garden party in the heart of the City of London. This car show showcases a curated collection of anything from peppy little Fiats to exquisite Ferraris so there will be something for everyone. Alongside the 130 cars being presented are many brands from the luxury fields of watchmaking, art, fashion and jewellery. These brands add another dimension for visitors, allowing them to discover, experience (and purchase) some of the finest craftsmanship availed to the UK marketplace.

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