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Our history

The business is born
Ken Welham

Ken & Vera Welham get the business started using Vera’s £8 WRAF gratuity to buy some tools.

We’re growing...

The business has grown steadily to a total workforce of 6. Now specialising in auto engineering.

Welham Motor Co

The registration of Welham Motor as a limited company.

Welham Diesel Injection

The formation of Welham Diesel Injection in March 1964, specialising in fuel injection equipment to complement the work of the Motor Company.

Three Directors appointed

Ken Welham’s health began to fail, so three external directors were appointed: Ian Miller (Motor), Stewart Davis (Diesel) and Vic Chawner (Sales).

A new generation

After a long struggle with MS Ken passed away, tragically followed by Vera shortly afterwards. Their son Robert and daughter Valerie inherited the two companies and aided by the three directors they continued what had been started almost 40 years previously.


The retirement of Ian Miller (replaced by Doug Barratt) and also Stewart Davis (replaced by Mick Lattimore).

65th Anniversary for Motor Co

The Motor Company celebrates 65 years in business.

50th Anniversary for Diesel Co

The 50th anniversary of the Diesel Company and also the sad death of Mick Lattimore after 48 years of service.

New Directors

Chris Harris was appointed as Managing Director of Welham Diesel and in April 2015 David Cram was appointed as Finance Director for both companies.

Brant Diesel buy out

Welham Diesel bought out Brant Diesel Injection and started to move more towards the agricultural and vintage tractor sector.

Chris Harris appointed MD

The retirement of Doug Barratt sees Chris Harris take over as Managing Director of the Welham Motor Co.

75 years in business

Welham Motor reaches the milestone of 75 years in business, and in March 2024 Welham Diesel will celebrate its own half century.