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Welham Vintage Diesel Injection

Expert diesel fuel injection services

Welham Diesel was founded in 1964 as an offshoot of the Welham Motor Company.

Right from the beginning we worked closely with the agricultural sector, repairing and reconditioning fuel pumps and injectors on tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Much like classic cars and vintage trucks, there is a growing interest in saving these old workhorses for future generations, as well as keeping the ones that still work for a living in fine fettle.


Back in 2017 we were able to acquire the Brant Diesel Injection business when the owner Sid Cooke decided the time was right for him to sell up and concentrate on the livestock side of his business.

Having worked closely with Sid for several years we were able to obtain all of his stock and customer base which we then incorporated into Welham Diesel. Spurred on by this we concentrated our efforts on the vintage side of the business, this was helped by a number of the older generation getting to retirement age and getting out of the diesel market.

76 years of Welhams… we were repairing these vehicles when they were new!

We also started to advertise our services in a more targeted way through our website, Facebook and specialist magazines as well as having stands at both the Newark Tractor Show and the Tractor World show at Malvern. These two shows are now very popular with our customers and we always look forward to seeing everyone.

In April 2020, when the country went into lockdown, the vintage tractor side started to really take off as a lot of enthusiasts with time on their hands decided to drag their tractors out and get on with their restoration projects. So much so that after only a few days we were starting to bring our staff back in off furlough to recondition all the pumps and injectors that people were sending in!

The vintage tractor side has continued to grow and now forms a large part of our overall business, we are always busy but we will always take time to chat to our customers and help them out. We firmly believe that we are now the number one company in the UK doing this kind of work.

This new website, along with an increasing social media presence, will help us to get our message out to a growing number of vintage agricultural enthusiasts.