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Vintage is the New Modern: Modern Uses of a Vintage Tractor

Are you a fan of agricultural machinery? If you are, then we’re sure that you can appreciate the beauty of a vintage tractor. With their sweet size, smooth front wheels and almost face-like front that looks like it will start mimicking the expressions of the Little Red Tractor at any given moment.

If you are so lucky to own one of these or plan on buying one, then we’re extremely jealous! But, can they still actually work functionally? If you don’t want to have your vintage tractor simply gathering dust on display (or, more likely, in the garage), then read on below to learn some practical ways in which you could use it today.


If you consider yourself a green thumb and have a particularly large garden that you take pride in upkeeping, then a vintage tractor can be extremely useful not only for getting around your garden, but for performing useful tasks, as well.

For example, if the space allows, why not plough part of your garden to create the perfect conditions for any home-grown crops that you wish to plant? Using a vintage tractor to do this is a much faster way of creating the ideal allotment than doing so all by hand.


Just as you appreciate the aesthetic of a vintage tractor, so, too, do other people. As such, why not set up a small business where people can hire it for weddings and events? Of course, you can choose to include your driving services in this, as well – all you need is to add a trailer to the back and voila! People can make a grand, picture-worthy entrance to their special events.

With the precedence of rustic barn weddings nowadays, we think this would be really popular!


Trailer wagons aren’t just useful for transporting people, but they’re great for general haulage, too! If you have piles of logs for firewood at the end of your garden, or perhaps you keep outdoor pets (i.e. horses, chickens, goats) that require feeding and their living quarters to be cleaned regularly, then using a vintage tractor with a trailer is a great way of storing and lugging everything for you to make the job much easier.


Do you have a large gravel driveway? If so, then you’ll likely know that it is important to regularly rake this to prevent leaf build-up, weed growth and to keep an overall neat appearance. You’ll also know, then, how cumbersome this can be. With a vintage tractor, this will no longer be a mean feat, but will become a regular task that you are more than happy to complete.

Simply find a landscaping rake attachment that can be connected to your tractor, then the job can be completed in next to no time!

Vintage Tractor Restoration

If you’re looking for someone to restore your vintage tractor, then you need Welham Group. Based in Leicester, we are vintage vehicle specialists and are able to carry out tractor engine repair and quality restoration, all at a competitive price.

Get in touch with us today for more information – you can rest assured that your prized machinery will be in safe hands.