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Problems Your Diesel Vehicle is Likely to Encounter

There are many benefits to diesel vehicles – they offer excellent mileage, and with costs falling across the board, they’re often a more affordable option. However, these cars are not without their faults and there are certain issues you’re likely to run into from time to time.

Here are some common problems you might face with a diesel vehicle:

Engine overheating

Engine overheating is the biggest problem you’re likely to encounter with a diesel engine. This usually stems from pushing your car past its limits, although other common causes include:

  • Clogged diesel injectors – leaks and bugs in your diesel injector means your engine works considerably harder, resulting in overheating if the injection system can’t release gasoline as needed.
  • Coolant leaks – an indicator of this is excess bubbles and low levels of coolant.
  • Damaged thermostat – a faulty thermostat won’t detect when the motor is overheated and therefore can’t begin cooling.

Oil leakages

Oil leaks stem largely from issues with diesel engine parts, such as aged seals and gaskets which no longer work effectively. If left unattended, oil leaks can cause serious diesel problems, as they pose both an environmental threat and serious fire risk and can result in complete engine failure.

Engine noise

Diesel engines are famously noisier than electric ones. As a result of the engine’s mechanical components, a certain amount of noise is unavoidable. However, an uneven engine sound or noticeable banging may be an indication of further issues.

Glow plug failure

To get a diesel engine started in cold weather, the engines have glow plugs (they look a lot like spark plugs) which are basically tiny heaters in the pre-chamber or combustion chamber. These plugs wear out just like spark plugs.

Black exhaust

A clogged air filter, broken injector or injector pump, faulty turbocharger, or broken EGR valve, can cause an imbalance of the air/fuel ratio, creating black exhaust. This can cause environmental problems and is definitely something to be avoided.

Oxidisation of the oil

When a diesel vehicle sits too long and isn’t driven regularly, the oil can start to oxidise. This means that air is getting into the oil, causing it to “bubble,” preventing effective lubrication of the engine.

Using the wrong fuel

Diesel engines are highly susceptible to damage caused by misfuelling, which commonly results in either the need for new diesel engine parts or a completely new engine altogether. To avoid this common problem with diesel engines, be sure to always double-check which fuel type you are about to use before refuelling.

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