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Signs Your Diesel Fuel Injector Isn’t Working

While diesel engines are often known for being easier to look after, there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. The diesel fuel injector is just one of these potential issues. If you’re not sure that your vehicle needs diesel injection repairs, you may wish to have vehicle diagnostic services done to determine exactly what the problem is.

There are some obvious signs that your fuel injector is in trouble, so you should be aware of what these are.

Smell of Fuel

If you strongly smell fuel while driving the vehicle, it may be the injector. An injector that cannot close may produce too much fuel, which can contribute to the scent of fuel. This may also be due to a leak where the fuel is simply seeping out of the injector. 

Crusty Residue

If you notice that there are some nasty bits forming around the fuel injectors, this can be an indication that the fuel injectors are dirty. This can cause a drop in engine performance, since the injectors are not properly spraying fuel. Any additives that do not get sprayed into the manifold can end up burnt onto the fuel injector, creating an unpleasant crust.

The Fuel Injector Doesn’t Open

This causes a big problem because the injector cannot inject fuel as needed. This is frequently due to rust build up or crust from the burnt fuel on the injectors. Either way, the problem can be an annoying one that is easily managed by cleaning the fuel injectors. A similar issue can occur if the fuel injector doesn’t close.

Poor Mileage

Poorly functioning fuel injectors will result in an engine that idles unevenly and poor fuel mileage. A simple tune up or replacing the injectors should clear up the problem and will help ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and gets better fuel efficiency.

Misfiring Engine

If a diesel engine is misfiring, it’s possible that it’s not receiving the correct amount of fuel. This may occur because the fuel injector is clogged or dirty, or it simply cannot open.

Leaking Fuel

Sometimes the injector is damaged or faulty and may cause a leak. This is more common when the cooling mechanism fails and causes the injector to crack due to overheating. The leak can then drip anywhere and may end up in the engine system where the fuel is not necessarily meant to be.

Is your diesel vehicle in need of vehicle diagnostic service and fuel injection service? If your car has been suffering from any of the issues above, you’ll want to have it checked out. The solution may be as simple as replacing the injectors, but there could be other issues that need to be looked at, as well.

If you need to get your vehicle looked at, Welham is here to help. We can do full vehicle diagnostic services and provide you with diesel injection repairs if needed. Make your appointment today.