Reliable diesel engine services

If you're looking for an efficient diesel mechanic in Leicestershire and the East Midlands, choose Welham Group. We work according to the needs of your particular engine to service and repair any diesel vehicle. No job is too big or small for our expert team. With modern facilities, great prices and a broad area of expertise across diesel engine services, Welham Group will have the services you need. 

Services to suit your needs

Regrinding crankshafts

We are an engine repair service near you that can address any issues you may have with your crankshaft, including regrinding and supplying all suitable bearings in most cases. We have experience working with all types of vehicles, from small cars to large commercial vehicles including construction and industrial machines. 
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Services for your engine

Whatever diesel engine services you require, our diesel mechanics can carry them out to a high standard to get your vehicle up and running. We can re-bore cylinder blocks on engines from motorbikes to large trucks. We supply and fit new con rods, carry out line boring, repair badly damaged housings, and regrind crankshafts on all your domestic and commercial diesel vehicles. 
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Expert diesel mechanic

Diesel engines are our speciality at Welham Group. For over 70 years, we have built our reputation as providers of excellent diesel engine services throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands. Our machine shop has some of the most high tech equipment available, designed to meet your needs, no matter what services your diesel engine may require. 
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Reboring cylinders 

If our vehicle diagnostics show that your cylinder block needs to be re-bored, our team can take care of this quickly and efficiently. We work on everything from small motorbikes to large bores up to 200mm, reset cylinder liner heights to o.e. specs and all our cylinder bores are honed to correct finished size. We can supply and fit most types of wet liners, face cylinder blocks, re-cut counter bores and even cylinder liners to most parent bore engines such as vintage engines. 
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Reconditioning cylinder heads

Our comprehensive reconditioning service for cylinder heads includes pressure testing, crack testing, surface grinding, valve guide replacement, seats recut and valves lapped-in, new seat insets fitted and converting heads for unleaded use. Our skills and state of the art equipment allows us to perform this service on most types of petrol and diesel engine. 

Line boring and main housing 

Our friendly and effective team can line bore most types of blocks, from small car engines to large commercial vehicles. In addition, we can make and fit dummy housings to main housings that are badly damaged, machining them back to standard size, and fit and machine new camshaft bearings to a wide range of diesel and petrol engines.   
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Fitting con rods 

Our efficient car repair near you includes services such as supplying and fitting new small end bushes and machining them to size. In most cases when the big ends are damaged in your commercial vehicle rods, we can reclaim them while we fit pistons to con rods.   
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